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"Nappy hair is life, where I’m from"

African by Nature

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Young Black & …

“I came yesterday because, as a young Black woman majoring in African American Studies at Temple University, it was my duty to show my support. There are people out there who do not understand that what happened to Michael Brown was about race. What’s happening to the people of Ferguson is also about race. I think because we don’t hear hurtful words such as “nigger” that we oversimplify and minimize racism. I made and held the sign because I wanted to remind people that what happened to Brown and others is a modern day lynching. If you look closely at the sign it’s a hangman symbol with the word “NIGGER” attached. We can’t forget that racism still exists because people aren’t calling Black people “niggers” anymore or as much.”

- Melanie “CoCo” McCoy

Photo and article by Blaire Monroe

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Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Black Women Rock Your World


"Tasty" by Melanie "CoCo" McCoy, approx. 24" x 24", Acrylic on Wood Price: To be Determined

Black Girl Squad… The Movement

"Give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her."